About Membership
To become a member of our store, you should visit Membership Procedures section of our web page. It is very important that you fill in member information accurately and completely. Please fill in carefully and completely, for the goods and services to find you well and quick.

Becoming a member is a quite fast and simple procedure. Becoming a member won’t encumber any liabilities upon you. However, please read the sales agreement carefully before shopping. You can terminate your membership whenever you wish to.

Cancellation of The Membership
The member can end the membership at any time he/she wishes to. After ending your membership, your any relation to our website shall have ended. So as to end your membership, you should login and then submit your request from member proceedings section of your website.

In Below Listed Cases Membership Cannot Be Cancelled

  1. If it is not 60 days yet, starting from the last order of the member
  2. If the cancellation request is submitted via another email address
  3. If the member cannot be reached via registered information

In Below Listed Cases The Membership Will Be Cancelled By Us

  1. If the member posts or comments with immoral content
  2. If there is any attempt of fraud involved
  3. If the member attempts to damage the system or Sansar Shop. ‘s reputation.

Member Safety
Any kind of measures have been taken in our store, for the safety of the members. Besides the measures we have taken, your responsibility is to keep your membership information confidential. You should never share your login information, do not login to the system if you are not sure of the computer’s reliability status.

Different Address
For every member; when finalizing an order there is a section where you can type another address instead of previously registered address. Address section is meant for the occasions where you may want to send gifts to your friends or when you are not at your actual residence. For instance: For when you are at a different branch of the company you work for, or during your stay at your summer residence.  Or for when you want the invoice to be sent to you, but the gift to be sent to your friend.

Product Comments
Every product accepts comments. As you share your knowledge and experience with other customers, shopping will become more enjoyable. De to the fact that the comments of the customers will be unbiased, a more informed shopping experience will become possible.

These are the points one should watch out for while writing comments: A comment has to remain within decency and morality, respecting the manufacturer and other users. Comments are reviewed and inappropriate comments are removed from the system.